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Great for detailed trimming, face and paws

Stainless steel super curved scissors, 5.5 inches


Coat Tamer

An unscented highly concentrated versatile de-matting conditioner that helps to de-tangle, de-mat, hydrate, condition, reduce drying time, control frizz, protect and soften the coat without silicone. It is non-greasy, non-sticky, non-toxic and contains natural oil. Coat Tamer can be applied directly to tough mats, added to shampoo, used as a standalone conditioner or used as a de-matting/finishing spray solution.

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Pet Styling Gel

Pet Styling Gel an alternative to the top knot. It is unscented and contains a blend of ingredients that helps to hold the hair above the eyes in place, tames static frizz, smooth and softens the hair. Leaves no sticky residue, non-greasy, non-toxic and washes out easily. No add fragrance, silicone, paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde, dye or added color.

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Quick Aid

A non-stinging and non-staining herbal first aid gel that helps to control bleeding due to nicking the quick while trimming the nails, minor cuts or scratches

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LH Surge Test Strips

Identify the LH surge which triggers ovulation giving the breeder a better understanding of the timing of the ovulation in your bitch(es) for mating.

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10ml Dropper Bottle

The 10ml empty LDPE plastic bottle comes with a metal needle and tip cover. Ideal for storing clipper oil and precise dispensing. Measures approximately: 0.79” x 3.0”.

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Light weight aluminum Rat Tail comb with finished pins.

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Unheated and unfiltered pure North Carolina honey that is harvested to retain all the natural pollens, propolis, live enzymes, vitamins, mineral and antioxidant properties.

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Measuring Accessories

Measuring a product with a syringe is less wasteful and much easier with an orifice reducer.

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Super curved stainless steel; Length: 5.5 inches; Blades: 2 inches; 25 degree curvature.

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Sprayer Bottles

Refillable empty sprayer bottles that do not require an aerosol propellant or inner bag. Great for groomers, pet owners, personal care, plant care, cleaning and more. 

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