What is a clarifying shampoo?

A clarifying shampoo will remove any unwanted residue and styling products that can “coat” the outside of the hair and reduce the effectiveness of a new product. A clarifying formula is “deep cleaning” and can strip the hair. A clarifying formula will target and cut through stubborn gunk and buildup from previous used products or from the environment. A clarifying shampoo, which includes whitening shampoos, grime removing shampoos, deep cleaning shampoos, etc., leaves the hair squeaky clean. Think of clarifying as preparing your canvas for something new or a total reboot.

A clarifying shampoo should be used as the first bath and as needed “occasionally.”  It should not be used with every bath as it will strip the natural oils.  A clarifying shampoo will actually help to optimize the Coat Tamer de-matting conditioner factor. 

Following a clarifying bath, to restore the lost moisture a second bath with Coat Tamer added to a basic shampoo “without a conditioner” should be done; Coat Tamer is a de-matting conditioner.

NOTE: If a conditioner is added to a clarifying shampoo, the conditioner will also be removed.  Coat Tamer should NOT be added to a clarifying shampoo. Coat Tamer should be added to a regular shampoo “without a conditioner.”